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November 2010

The Bamberg Foundation works to promote the development, awareness and implementation of healthcare technologies at all levels and to induce decision makers to become aware of the possibilities and opportunities afforded for the improvement of the health of our citizens, by improving the quality and safety of clinical practice together with the economic efficiency of healthcare management, and ultimately of our health system.

The Bamberg Foundation is a clustering factor for all actors involved in the maintenance, care and restoration of health. It aims to provide a platform for the interconnection between professionals, medical centres, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and information technology enterprises, electro-medical, financial and construction companies, employers, unions, patients’ associations, professional associations, universities, research centres, public and private institutions devoted to the development of research, central or regional agencies related to health technologies and food and drug safety, thereby facilitating communication and the exchange of knowledge ..

Such an exchange of information and knowledge among all stakeholders is a generator of scientific, economic and social development for those who comprise the healthcare community. Our aim is to offer this cluster an opportunity to interact in a non-administrative framework wherein the inherent constraints between the different managements, between managers and the managed, customers and suppliers, employers and employees, the authority and the subordinate, doctors and patients, government and opposition can disappear.

To this end, the Foundation has set up a Scientific Council made up of the most prestigious medical specialists in Spain, an Advisory Board including renowned management experts and an Institutional Committee consisting of the foremost institutions involved in research and development.

Likewise, the Foundation is furthering the detection and exploitation of opportunities put forward in its forum for improving the health of citizens, establishing the necessary contacts and relationships between the various actors that make up the cluster.
The Bamberg Foundation operates at the strategic level in which politicians, managers and decision-makers act in order to raise awareness of the technologies that the healthcare professionals count on to manage, prevent, treat and cure diseases, regardless of the nature of the technology.

It promotes and fosters the association of all the healthcare stakeholders by providing forums and frameworks to allow them to become acquainted, learn what others do and thus stimulate the use and development of healthcare technologies together with the government and industry; it also organizes lectures on health management, information technology, communications applied to health, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, cancer, neuroscience, human ageing, dependence, research and innovation in different cities such as Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia, Lisbon, Toledo, Oporto, Coimbra, Vigo, Valladolid, Pamplona, to name some of the places where the most essential events have taken place.
These lectures are a strategic addition to the more technical lectures developed by the scientific associations and professional institutions, and function as forums for the discussion and exchange of ideas between politicians and managers on the one hand, and healthcare professionals and scientists on the other, in order for these last to learn the strategies and policies of the former, and for the former to become familiar with the scientific opportunities available and the current welfare needs.

But the foundation is not just a meeting point or an association between public and private healthcare stakeholders, it is also a think tank, a storehouse of ideas of health care. Such knowledge and ideas have been accruing over the last five years following more than a hundred meetings and lectures addressing strategic healthcare management factors, doctors and other health professionals in healthcare research, the advances in biotechnology, in health care and the approach to key diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular or neuro-degenerative diseases.

The Bamberg Foundation has therefore undertaken the execution of a document describing the New Model for Future Health Management, including its healthcare management aspect and the care and clinical management of diseases. The document will include specific models on Human Resources, Research, Financing and other areas.

This document will be developed by a team in collaboration with a widely acknowledged group pertaining to the healthcare sector and will include personal assistants and Institutions belonging to the Health sector or relating to it.

Furthermore, the model will be supplemented by the observations of the experts consulted, who will expand, develop, qualify or criticize certain aspects, and will be included in the document as annexes to the model. We hope this document will serve as support for the joint decisions of the Inter-Territorial Council and as a reference model for the Autonomous Communities that comprise Spain.

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